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Getting PR and media attention in the local community

Getting PR and media attention in the local community

Positive involvement in the community can bring great success to a business, but even the most generous public gestures can slip under the radar if they are not backed up with an effective publicity campaign. Here’s some ideas to make sure your good deeds get noticed by the wider public.

TV, print and radio

If you are planning a special event or initiative that will benefit the local community, congratulations! This is just the kind of feel-good story that media outlets are always searching for, and it can be a great way to get your key messages across to a wide audience through an objective third party.

Before contacting a media outlet:

  • Prepare a clear summary of your story: When and where it’s taking place, why it’s important and who the main players are. Aim for a unique angle that will make it particularly newsworthy.
  • Have an idea of what you want the publicity to do for your business: Do you want more in-store customers? A higher community profile?
  • Know your target audience: Determine their age range, where they live and other key details.

Producers, journalists and editors often get a lot of media requests, so this will help you get straight to the point when you speak to them. It will also help if you can bring your story to life with interesting background stories and anecdotes. For a more detailed pitch, you can send them a media release. If you are seeking an interview, include personal contact details and let them know of any photo opportunities.

If you want to build a relationship, keep in touch with your media contacts. That way, you’ll get to know them on a more personal level and establish a rapport.

Social media

Social media isn’t just for sharing jokes and funny pictures – it can also serve as a public noticeboard. For example, many businesses have a Facebook page that they use to announce important company events.

To get the most out of social media at a local level, check in regularly so you can chat with followers, answer their questions and thank them for their support. If you are involved in the community, give those activities top billing by posting regular updates and photos.

Both offline and online media offer great opportunities to reach out to a local audience without spending a cent. And when you’re giving back to the community, they can work as fantastic credibility boosters.

Creating goodwill in your local community can help your business establish deep roots and grow even stronger. Find out why local activity is important to your business.

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