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Top tips for digital marketing success

Top tips for digital marketing success

As a small business owner, having a standout digital marketing strategy is key to reaching today's tech-savvy and mobile customer. For those wanting to stay ahead of the curve, the following tips will help ensure the success of your digital marketing strategy.


1) Start with a strong strategy

At the heart of every successful digital marketing campaign is a clearly defined strategy built around delivering the right content to the right customers at the right time. In order to do this effectively, you could:

  • Get to know your customers’ digital habits inside and out – what channels do they use to communicate and look for information?
  • Understand the competition’s strengths and weaknesses. This extends beyond their product and service offerings – what do competitors do well in the digital space? What could you do better?
  • Identify ways in which you aren’t meeting customer needs – how could you use digital channels to bridge these gaps?

By identifying the needs, wants and desires of your customers, combined with an analysis of the current marketplace, you'll be better positioned to create the type of website that people will want to spend time on, revisit and share – boosting your search engine rankings in the process.

2) Get on top of your SEO

SEO falls into two categories: on-page and off-page. On-page refers to the optimisation of elements on a webpage such as keyword placement, HTML code, meta tags and images. Off-page refers primarily to backlinking strategies – that is, encouraging and creating quality links from other relevant websites back to your site. You can improve this by investing time in social media and email marketing, as well as ensuring your business has a presence on services such as Google Places for Business.

Because these elements play a major role in how your site is indexed and ranked by the top search engines, it's important to optimise your website for SEO with the right keywords and on-page elements, combined with a strong backlinking strategy. For more information, read our article on why you need an SEO strategy.

3) Choose the right analytics

While your company's ranking in search results is a good measure of how well your website is performing, it's not the whole story. That's where analytics can help. SEO analytics tools such as Google Analytics, WooRank and AuthorityLabs allow you to drill down into the finer details of your website's performance, including:

  • Which keywords drive traffic to your website
  • What part of your website real estate is attracting the most views and clicks
  • Where your visitors are coming from
  • Where your visitors are leaving the site

With this information, you have the ability to fine-tune your digital marketing efforts to attract more visitors and increase conversions on your site.

4) Consider using paid media

To broaden your reach, consider adding search engine marketing (SEM) to your digital marketing arsenal. SEM refers to paid ads that appear alongside organic search engine results when a user searches for a topic in Google or another search engine. While SEM used to refer to both SEO and paid search, it is now exclusively the domain of paid advertising activities, including:

  • Paid search ads
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • CPM (cost per thousand impressions)

Google AdWords is by far the most popular advertising platform for purchasing paid search ads, PPC and CPM advertising. To help, Google has created a step-by-step guide for business owners looking to build successful AdWords campaigns.

Creating a good SEO and digital marketing strategy requires time and effort. To learn more, find out how to optimise your online presence.

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