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Why it's important to document all of your processes

Why it's important to document all of your processes

As your business grows, it’s important to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible – even when you aren’t in the office. We look at different types of procedures and why documenting them can help your business.


Define job roles

Everyone in your business should understand what their role entails and what their responsibilities are. Defining job roles within your business will also be helpful when it comes time to review staff against any key performance indicators (KPIs). It also avoids staff doubling up on processes that one person could do more efficiently.

Improve training

Having a clear and concise manual for each role in your business will mean training new staff will be a lot quicker and less stressful. Documented procedures also mean a team member can go on holidays or take sick leave without it heavily impacting on your business. If staff know exactly what their role includes, there will likely be far less confusion.

Standardise processes

Having clear guidelines for staff allows processes to be standardised across your business to achieve consistency. This ensures staff are able to work across different units within your business and new team members can be trained by any existing employee.

Reporting procedures

No one is perfect and mistakes get made in all jobs. Each role in your business should have a direct line of command clearly listed and detail what to do in the event of a mistake. Having this clearly set out will mean staff will be able to react quicker to mistakes and ensure they don’t become bigger than they need to.

Streamline your business

Documenting procedures can help streamline your business and make it more efficient. It will also help you uncover unnecessary procedures so you can implement more efficient processes. This can help cut costs and divert staff attention to more important tasks.


Most businesses are required to adhere to certain laws and regulations. Ensuring procedures in your business are well documented will mean you can show you have been following procedures if any legal action is taken against your business.

Documenting procedures is an important aspect of running your business. Not only can it help improve efficiencies and boost productivity, it can also allow you to take much-needed time off for a vacation and not worry about the future of your business.

Documenting your processes is just one way to keep all of your staff informed. Find out how to implement strategies for knowledge management.

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