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10 best tech blogs for small business

10 best tech blogs for small business

Plenty of blogs talk about technology and its impact, but not all of them cater to the small business owner who is seeking straightforward tech tips and solutions that they can start applying right away. With this in mind, here are 10 of the best tech blogs for small business owners.


1. Flying Solo

Flying Solo is a popular meeting place for entrepreneurs looking to promote and grow their small business. Their technology blog caters to both beginners and the semi tech-savvy, and covers a broad range of e-commerce topics including website design, SEO, mobile apps and effective blogging.

2. Kissmetrics

How well do you really know your customers? This marketing-focused blog offers tips, tricks and up-to-the-minute advice that can help you increase your marketing ROI through smarter use of Google Analytics.

3. SmartCompany

Social media, tech trends, online marketing and more are all covered by SmartCompany which dispenses daily advice for busy SME owners that’s both practical and easy to digest. Its wide variety of contributors includes top industry experts.

4. Start Up Blog

Exactly as the title implies, this is a blog for startup owners written by the owner of several startups. This means its insights about technology and business are drawn directly from real-life experience at the small-business coalface.

5. readwrite

This blog covers enterprise, the cloud, social, wearables and the web. It’s a must-read for the small-business owner who wants to invest their tech budget wisely to stay ahead of the curve and their competition.


WIRED is probably the best-known magazine in the industry and vital reading for the small business owner who wants a global perspective on all things tech. Browse the small business section to be inspired by news about cutting-edge startups and commentary from big thinkers.

7. The Moz Blog

Confused by SEO-related jargon? Want to find out how to attract customers, rather than having to chase them down? Moz makes online marketing fun and easy to understand. This blog’s ‘Whiteboard Friday’ is a great resource for business owners who want advice that is both down to earth and easy to put into practice.

8. Switched on Media

In straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense style, this digital marketing company zeroes in on social media as a tool to increase your brand exposure, website traffic and sales. The strong focus on Asia-Pacific markets makes it a worthwhile addition to your bookmarks.

9. Mashable

Mashable is a place where you can break out of your daily routine and rediscover what’s happening in the wider tech world – from Silicon Valley to outer space. This site also features articles about everyday topics, including mobile technology, wearables and the internet.

10. TechCrunch

This online magazine puts the spotlight on new startups, online products and gadgets, as well as other breaking technology news and trends. Its annual ‘Crunchie’ awards recognise the most outstanding new businesses and technologies to emerge during the year.

The internet is already a big part of our lives, but we’re only at the very beginning of a new age of connected devices. Find out how the Internet of Everything could reshape your business.

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