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Maintaining internet security

Maintining internet security

With so much business being conducted online and in the cloud, it's easy to get complacent about protecting your important data. Here are some tips to ensure your information remains protected.


Use security software

One of the best and easiest ways to protect your security online is to install antivirus software on all business computers. Also consider using firewalls to prevent people outside your business from accessing your internal network. Just remember to always update your software so you have the best level of protection possible. Consider setting automatic updates in case you forget and remember to renew software that expires.

Different business sizes require different security solutions, so also remember to review which software you use as your business expands. Getting input from a trusted advisor with IT credentials can ensure you choose the right solutions for your needs. 

Control access

Security breaches can come from within your business, so consider limiting what employees can access and when. Also ensure you regularly review employee access, as staff may move into different positions in your business and need different access. When staff leave, revoke access to all systems and immediately change passwords for their accounts – especially those shared with other staff.

Remind, remind, remind

To avoid employees becoming complacent, regularly remind them about their responsibilities when it comes to maintaining security, such as sending an email once a month about having strong passwords and ensuring computers are locked when they leave for the day. You may want to consider setting up automated systems that force staff to regularly change their passwords. Some systems may also only allow users to use strong passwords, such as a combination of letters, numbers and characters.

Maintain backups

Backing up your information is essential to the ongoing operation of your business. Ensure your backups are kept safe, such as in a secure cloud or on an offline server. Remember to back up regularly – that means daily or at least weekly.

Develop a secure culture

If you make internet security a culture at your business, it will become the norm. This may take time and patien#ce, but once staff understand the importance of it they will be more likely to come on board. In time, measures such as creating strong passwords will become second nature.

Making sure your employees are aware of the potential risks is the best first line of defence. Likewise, it’s important they know how to recognise potentially suspicious emails and viruses. Regular updates will also help to keep them informed of changes to your security protocol.

Hire professionals

If managing the technological side of your business seems too daunting, consider hiring professionals to help you implement and maintain a plan. They will be able to pinpoint where your weak spots are and how you can stay on top of them.

Internet security is one of the most important issues for businesses in our hyperconnected world. Implementing and maintaining measures to help protect your information will ensure your business operates as securely as possible.

Sometimes the biggest risks for internet security are in places you wouldn't expect. Learn how to identify the risks to your business.

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