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Resilium helps Advisers stretch their reach with social media

In recognition In recognition of the changing behaviours of insurance customers, Resilium is supporting its national network of Advisers to confidently build their own digital and social media presence.

This strategy will allow the Advisers to engage with – and meet the expectations of – the growing numbers of customers who use online media to make purchasing decisions.

“Today’s insurance customers are much more aware of the products on offer and actively seek out the views of their peers. There is strong demand for testimonials from real customers with real experiences,” said Mr Gerard McDermott, Managing Director, Resilium.

“Much of this demand is satisfied through the digital and social landscape. It’s now an intrinsic part of many customers’ day-to-day lives – particularly the younger generation of consumers.”

Resilium, a general insurance brand with the Suncorp Group, will provide its national network of Advisers with the tools and assistance needed to create a successful presence, including websites, eNewsletters, email alerts, and Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

The tools on offer include templates, how-to guides and troubleshooting information.

As an additional part of the strategy, Resilium launched its own Facebook and LinkedIn sites in July to promote Advisers as insurance experts and direct potential customers their way.

“Social media presents insurers and intermediaries alike with an outstanding opportunity to promote the value of both general insurance and the importance of advice,” said Mr McDermott.

“Advisers can use social and digital media to engage with the issues that matter in their local community. They are small business owners themselves, so they experience and deal with the same pressures as their customers.

“By making valuable contributions to the conversations going on within their communities, Advisers can build the reputation of their business, reach a much wider audience and attract new clients.”

This is supported by evidence in a research paper by Suncorp Commercial Insurance CEO Mr Anthony Day, titled Insurance Insights – The Changing Face of the Insurance Customer.

Mr Day stated that, although 39 per cent of insurance customers are now searching for cover online, they are now struggling to make sense of the huge volume of information available.

“SME owners realise it is not easy to decide on what cover they need. Consequently, many continue to turn to the experts – intermediaries – to help,” Mr Day added.

“Insurance intermediaries need to see the internet and changing customer demands as opportunities rather than threats.”

Resilium has partnered with social strategy firm Obviam to provide the Advisers with a number of tools and services to optimise their presence, including:

  • How-to guides for setting up Facebook and LinkedIn accounts
  • Leading-edge social media risk training
  • Mandatory compliance and branding guidelines
  • Suggested topics to assist Advisers get started with content
  • A list of preferred suppliers to assist with set up
  • Regular targeted updates to support their social marketing efforts

“Many of our Advisers have wanted to participate in social media, but were concerned about getting it wrong and often didn’t know where to begin,” said Mr McDermott.

“These tools will give Advisers the confidence to tap into these new opportunities and reach a new audience.

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