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What to look for in a lawyer

What to look for in a lawyer

Having legal representation for your business is always a good idea, but how can you trust your lawyer to do what's right for you? Here are some things to look out for when deciding who to entrust your business’s future to.



Legal issues can be complicated. Having a lawyer who is able to effectively communicate with you in basic terms means you are able to better understand what’s going on, which can make you feel more comfortable with any legal decisions you have to make.

You should also be confident of asking questions, and lawyers should be able to break down legal jargon and clearly explain issues. Like any relationship, it’s important you get along with your lawyer and feel comfortable talking to them.

Business goals

A good lawyer should be able to understand what the vision is for your business and any legal obstacles that may come between you and fulfilling your goals. Someone who has experience working with small businesses may be better able to understand the specific issues you face than someone who has worked primarily with large companies.

Ensure any lawyer you meet is willing to listen to your business goals and takes the time to understand them.


There may be occasions when you need immediate legal advice. Check with potential lawyers regarding their accessibility and response times. If a lawyer is too busy to handle pressing matters when you need them, they may be stretching themselves too thin and not have the time to adequately look after your business.


Some of your best business contacts come from word of mouth and your own connections, and finding a lawyer is no different. Ask your network about lawyers they recommend, as well as their pros and cons.

Also check with lawyers about whether they have worked with small businesses before and what type of legal matters they covered. The way a small business is run is vastly different from running a large company, so a good lawyer should be aware of the legal pitfalls of small businesses and how they can be handled.


Ask any lawyer you meet for their qualifications and where they received them. Ensure you carry out due diligence and verify they are telling the truth. You can often contact the law society in your state or territory to obtain a referral for a lawyer or check their credentials. Also, ask if they have any areas of specialty, such as contract law or property law.

Choosing the right lawyer can be a hard decision. However, finding the right one who you enjoy working with means you can protect your business from legal missteps. Asking a colleague or friend for a referral can be a great way to find the right fit.

Just as the right lawyer will help you navigate legal obstacles and achieve your goals, a trusted financial advisor is also essential to your business success. Here are a few of the things to consider when choosing or switching accountants.

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