If your business is farming, we understand it’s more than just a livelihood – it’s your life. While we can’t control the elements or market price fluctuations, we can provide the flexibility and options to deal with many of the ‘uncontrollables’ that can stop you in your tracks – including machinery breakdowns or loss of feed or stock.

Your Resilium Adviser understands the challenges of life on the land. We can help deliver a range of insurance options and convenient payment options that can make it a whole lot easier for you and your family.

Who is it for?

Farm Insurance is for farm owners and operators.

What does this insurance cover?

A typical Farm Insurance policy will provide cover for:

  • Business Liability – Your legal liability covers personal injury or damage to property caused by an occurrence connected with your business activities.
  • Farm Property – Cover for your farm property such as building and contents, as well as farm improvements such as windmills and freestanding silos.
  • Domestic Property (Home & Contents) – Cover for your home and contents against loss or damage as a result of certain specified events such as fire, theft, storm, impact, flash flood and rainwater run-off. Or you can take Accidental Damage cover that protects you against the listed events plus any other event that isn’t explicitly excluded.
  • Business Interruption – Cover for costs to maintain your business, including loss of income from agistment following damage to business contents, farm property and machinery.
  • Machinery Breakdown – If any of your insured equipment suffers electrical, electronic or mechanical breakdown, you will recieve the cost of repair or replacement.
  • Road Transit – Cover for the loss or damage to farm products or machinery in transit caused by collisions, overturning, fire, flood and theft. Damage during loading and unloading is also covered as standard.
  • Theft – Your farm contents and towed implements are covered for theft as well as damage to farm buildings caused by burglars. This coverage extends to hay, grain, livestock, fencing and farm trees.
  • Farm Machinery and Working Dogs – Covers your machinery for damage caused by incidents such as fire, storm, impact, explosion and malicious acts by other people. Cover is also available for the death of a working dog caused by certain events.
  • Farm Motor Insurance – Cover is also available for farm vehicles including tractors, harvesters and sprayers, as well as vehicles used for private purposes.

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